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Daily Group Breathwork

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Sound & Voice

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Nature & Ceremony


Yoga & Meditation


Connection & Sharing

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Movement & Dance


Rest & Space




You can only connect with others as deeply as you connect with yourself.


Are you ready for an immersive experience? We welcome you to join us on a 6-days journey within and without through the wisdom of your body, breath, movement, nature, and community to come closer to the truth of who you are and always have been. A journey curated and contained over time to gently and safely deepen into connection and essence of how it feels to be human, to be you, in connection with yourself, others, nature, and life itself.


After three successful editions of Breath Immersion in Portugal, we are expanding into new lands and horizons. For 2024 we have found new beautiful lands to explore and hold us and the work we share. From 6th - 11th of April we invite you to Tierra Cosmica in the south of Spain, close to Malaga. Join us on this adventure to come and become part of the magic that unfolds. 


Held in a beautiful and safe space close to nature, we will be exploring what it feels and means to connect consciously, to ourselves, others, and all around us while deepening our relation to the breath and body. Marta, Dina and Dominik, your guides during the Immersion, will take you on a journey of conscious connected breath weaved together with movement exercises, self-inquiry workshops, live music, ceremony, celebration and more.


Daily Breathworks

You will discover the magic of conscious breathing and gain insights, inspiration and clarity with themed breathworks led by Marta and Dominik, as well as guest teachers. Through the power of your breath, you will be taken on a journey to connect to your own truth and to feel the essence of what it means to be you.

Daily guided breathwork sessions are a transformative experience that can lead to lasting change and a beautiful unfolding of the path you are on.


Daily Workshops & Experiences

Individually, with a partner or in a group, we will take you through self-inquiry and connection exercises that have been most powerful on our own journeys. You will have a chance to challenge your believes and thought patterns, witness and be witnessed, find liberation from what is holding you back and so much more.


Healthy Meals

Nurturing and nutritious meals will be served throughout the day. We will have two main meals, brunch and dinner, and plenty of snacks to keep us fuelled throughout the day. We focus on regional, fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Daily Yoga, Meditation & Movement

We will start every day with movement, yoga or active meditation, to get us into the body and our felt sense. Throughout the days will guide you through other conscious movement exercises, such as Contact Beyond Contact and Intuitive Dance.


Celebration & Togetherness

There will be plenty of time where you will experience the power and beauty of being part of a community. We will share our meals together, dance, sing, enjoy live music and celebrate in a conscious and connected way.


Guidance & Support

Among the core crew, as well as guest facilitators, we have a team of breathworkers, yoga teachers, coaches, mentors, massage therapists and energy healers. You will be able to book individual sessions as well as ask for support during your time with us.


Time in Nature

Located in a peaceful, remote location with abundant nature all around, perfect for hikes and rest time.

This will be a beautiful and transformative experience and we are grateful and excited to welcome you to be part of it with us.



Breathwork is a therapeutic technique that uses simple breathing practices to lead people into a non-ordinary state of consciousness where unconscious and previously repressed thoughts, sensations, energies and emotions, that are held in the body, can more easily rise to the surface for integration.

CCB is a breathing technique in which the breather intentionally connects the inhale with the exhale without any pauses, commonly practiced through the mouth. During a breathwork session, the facilitator guides the breather through a journey, accompanied by music, guidance and touch (if wished).

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